Koji Fukada
Sprocket, Inc.
Co-Founder & CEO

Koji Fukada:
Co-Founder & CEO of Sprocket, Inc.
Co-Founder & board of Yumemi, Inc.

In 2000, when Koji was a graduate university student, he founded Yumemi focusing on mobile from its very early market and provided mobile oriented digital marketing technology. In 2014, he founded Sprocket, separating from Yumemi, to change the way of online communication to be more personalized. Koji is challenging to improve not only clients’ short-term CVR but also long-term LTV by evolving Sprocket to customer nurturing automation platform. Koji was originally from Kyoto and has good understanding of Japanese traditional hospitality mindset called “Omotenashi”. His another challenge is to integrate and technically implement this mindset into Sprocket platform and spread “Omotenashi” relationship all over the world.