Tsuyoshi Morioka
Katana Inc.

Strategist and Marketer.
Widely-known as the mastermind that in just a few years turned Universal Studios Japan (USJ) around during its managerial crisis.

He was born in 1972 and later joined P&G in 1996. After he contributed the golden age of Vidal Sassoon brand in Japan, he moved to P&G global HQ (Cincinnati, OH US) in 2004, and took various management positions including Associate Marketing Director of the hair care category. After P&G, he joined Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in 2010 and promoted to CMO in 2012. After completion of his mission of USJ’s business turnaround, he established “Katana Inc.” in 2017 under a philosophy to “Energize Japan through Marketing.” It has taken the lead in numerous projects including Okinawa Project which gains remarkable attentions. Katana Inc. has already produced exceptional results in both mature markets and regional revitalization, i.e. the creation of sustainable business in regional areas.