2020. 10. 7 - 9 @ Royal Hotel OKINAWA ZANPAMISAKI

Brand Only ReceptionTwo Communication Strategies to Improve Customer Engagement

  • Day2020/10/08 [18:00]
  • PlaceUmikaze


There are big decisions to be made in the allocation of marketing resources for Japanese companies today.
As Japan's population continues to shrink by hundreds of thousands of people per year, it is more important to build engagement with existing customers, who account for the majority of sales, than to invest in new customers.
In the digital world, how you use digital technology to design customer experiences and build engagement will determine the outcome of your investment.
Our company, Repro, has helped more than 7,300 businesses in 66 countries to build engagement.
In this session, we will discuss two key elements of improving customer engagement from our perspective with specific examples.