2020. 10. 7 - 9 @ Royal Hotel OKINAWA ZANPAMISAKI

Breakfast Presentation #2What will happen when 3rd party cookie and IDFA disappear from marketer’s tool box

  • Day2020/10/09 [08:00]
  • PlacePrecious Hall


Web browsers stop sending 3rd party cookies and smartphone apps start asking users if they want to be tracked. These are the changes marketers will experience soon and some, if not all, marketing methods will no longer be possible. In the EU, businesses are now obliged to data portability requirements and in Japan, by 2022, businesses need to be ready to give their customer data in a digital format when asked so.
‘Tracking users secretly’ and ‘Corralling customers’. It is obvious that people don’t feel comfortable with these activities anymore.
DataSign believes ‘individual-driven personal data sharing’ will help businesses make stronger user engagement and then society as a whole will benefit from personal data use.
In this session, we will talk about what ‘individual-driven personal data sharing’ is and our activities and products to make it happen.