2020. 10. 7 - 9 @ Royal Hotel OKINAWA ZANPAMISAKI

Premium Presentation #1Delivering “Experienceable” communication by rich contents – How generating contents support the future of Digital Transformation

  • Day2020/10/07 [17:00]
  • PlacePrecious Hall


Today, our lives are being transformed by the digital world, from the way we work, shop, learn and even healthcare.
One of the biggest changes is the way we communicate and the use of video (rich content) has become the norm. It will be natural for individuals to interact with companies and individuals on the premise that and all information will be digital and richer. On top of that, there will be a need to reorganize the way the organization is organized and how it is structured.
In this session, we will present case studies of companies that are quickly responding to this environment using our AI video editing cloud "Video BRAIN" that supports them.